Zen Mini Set - 72 Zen Magnets

USD 14.23

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For $9.50, you’re not just buying 64 super magnets. You’re buying a half hour break from your desk whenever you need– from your ringing phone and the relentless pings of your email – you’re buying the experience of the cool metal balls encompassing your fingers.

A Mini set is more than enough to begin experimentation with. Many basic particles can be constructed, such as the C60 fullerene -link me to wiki- (the buckyball.) The Mini set measures 32cm long in a wrist worthy chain. 64 Zen Magnets are enough to get sentimental with. For a challenge, complete your puzzles without the use of vision.

Mini Set: 64 Zen Magnets. Velvet gift bag included. Free First Class Shipping. Ships within 24 business hours. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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