3rd Gen Zen Mandala Set: 1728 Zen magnets [+8 Free Spares] + Locking Sapelle Box, Large Platform, Snap Palette, Lifetime Cloth, 2 PVC Cards and Mandala Guide.

Were 216 Magnets not equal to your ambition?

USD 289.93

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If you do not yet have organized construction techniques, approaching the Mega set will feel abstruse at first. The Mega set consists of 1728 Zen Magnets, which is equal to eight Zen sets or twenty seven Mini sets. This is not the carry-in-your-pocket and play-with-in-the-car set. Expect to sit down on some clear ground and invest some time and passion... Don't be intimidated.

With this many magnets, you can design and build to your desires. You can architect advanced molecular structures out of dozens of basic particles. Form abstract doodads and objects as large as their exoskeletons can support. Engineer lovely repeating lattice configurations in three dimensions. Create complete castles or carry out your fractal fantasies. And after you've made your snazzy scene of symmetrical figurines, learn to let go, and start over.

Smash a Mega set into a messy amorphous cluster fuck, and you’re sure to regret it. Sure it will be fun to plunge your fingers into, but entropy and chaos are always easier to do, than to undo. It will take two people at least ten minutes each to refine a 2 pound glob of knotty magnets back into a useful construction chain. Don’t trash, Recycle.

Measures over eight and a half meters long, single file. For $157.92, the value is obvious.

Mega Set: 1728 Zen Magnets. 8 Free spares included. Free USPS Priority shipping. Ships within 24 business hours. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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